SPANK came the spank on Ping's back. The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack

What may I call you?

Cassidy, Cassy, Miss, Ma’am. 

What ethnicity are you?

I am half Chinese, half Caucasian. 

Can I release after our appointment?

NO. No sexual activity of any kind will happen in our sessions. DO NOT ASK.

Do you switch?

YES! I am an even split switch. I top men and women, and bottom to men and women. 

Do you spank right or left handed?

Both! I am an ambidextrous spanker :)

Can I text you?

Occasionally when I travel, I do give out my number for the purpose of communication. You may text me (or call) if instructed. Do not text me to chat. I do not and will not reply, as I keep my phone vanilla and for communication purposes.