M. FirmHand, March 2018

Cassidy Lau: owner of the “Prettiest Bottom in the Whole of Spankland”™

   I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Miss Lau on her trip to London. I won't go into session details (that’s between me and Cassy ; ) but you couldn’t hope to play with a more beautiful and adorably fun lady. Her enthusiasm for spanking is truly something to behold. You think you’re into spanking, well not as much as Cassidy!

   What you may not get from her photos is a sense of her delightful personality and gentle, graceful presence, but if you meet her in person I’m sure you’ll be head-over-heals in spanko love well before your time is over.

   OK, I say “gentle”... and I’ve never been spanked by Cassidy (I can hide behind my “I’m a top” excuse) but I've witnessed it up close. There was a remarkable look of steely determination in her eyes ... “gentle”, certainly wouldn’t be a word you’d use if you were on the receiving end of a Miss Lau spanking. Being such an awesome bottom makes her an incredible top and vice versa. (I’m sure she can spank you gently if you ask very nicely).

   For me Cassidy is perfect, my spanko fantasy come to life, maybe for you too, so go ahead make an appointment and create your own “me and Cassy” memories. Because ladies and gents we’ve found ourselves a special one here.

   Epilogue: Need any more convincing? Well, was Cassidy London trip the last time I saw her? Nope.

Did I jump on a flight to Seattle to see her two months later? Yeap! Am I doing it again this fall? Yeap! 

-M. FirmHand

NJSpank, July 2018


I wanted to take a moment of your time to extend my deep and sincere heartfelt gratitude to you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. I am overwhelmed with emotion right now and continue to be as you are one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met. You are stunning. However you are also a beautiful person inside.

   I feel so grounded right now, calm and slept the best I have in months, with a very sore bottom but wow, so comfortable. I am still delightfully red, marked while some bruises take shape. Thank you so much.

   As I settle back in I keep thinking about how not only beautiful you are but how kind, sweet and just so honest. A very classy lady you are and at such a young age, you are just the best. This is no doubt the best and most effective spanking I ever had in my 35 plus years of playing. Why? Well first off your lap is so accommodating and actually a pleasure to be over. You are gentle when needed but I knew you were in charge. Lovely lap. Your posture and demeanor when spanking is off the charts, thank you.

   Most importantly I know I did not get a really hard spanking, it felt like it was, but you then is such a calm and relaxing manner ask me to take some more than I would normally want for a session. The paddle you used was very nice and the "favorite" strap was amazing. I loved it actually and will want more next time. Then because of how I felt I asked you to try the strap...amazing my dear. Understand that is not me normally but I felt so comfortable with you and even more trusted you implicitly; that is not me in a first session. I trusted you and actually took the paddle and straps for you! I wanted to show you that you were in my heart and I trusted you as my lap. It is such a great feeling I was lost sometimes during all the spanking. I so want more. 

   I could talk forever but you are busy. You are amazing and I hope you will honor me and see me again when you are back east. You are the most incredible lap I have ever been over. Thank you.

  And by the way, your bottom, even bruised, is a work of art, wow. So beautiful and spankable. Being a bit old fashioned I spanked you over your pretty dress longer than usual as your bottom was so gorgeous underneath the material; I find that very pleasing. I know I spanked you easy and not as hard as you like, but I wanted to respect your bruising and your other sessions. Next time I will ask for you to take a hard one!

   Sorry long email but my emotions are running wild about my spanking. Your hand is hard as heck and loved the brush....more please.

   Thank you so much. Truly the best spanking I ever had and look forward to the next one.

Be well, be safe and always smile that smile it lights up the room.

With my respect and my love,